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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Race Report - BIKE - 70.3 New Orleans - 2010

T1: 2:37

The bike – TIME: 2:39:34 SPEED: 21.1 RANK: 403

Immediately following the swim, there were wetsuit strippers inside transition. However they were located in a sandy / grassy area. I did not want to start the bike covered in grit. I thanked them as I ran past. I did the foot stomp method and it was fast and efficient.

I thought my postion was a little more aero.  I have some spacers I might removed.

I set up a few alerts on my gps watch. I have never used these so why not try it on race day. I set a lower limit on my heart rate at 150 and an upper limit at 165. I know that this is a huge range but I wanted to stay just below 160. I guess I should have fine tuned the alerts. In a shorter race last year I averaged 171 BPM for a 27 mile bike (The Heart O’Dixie). So I know I can maintain a higher heart rate. But that race had a shorter run (7miles).

I also set an alert for every 7 miles (56 / 7 = 8). The watch would take a lap and remind me to take a gel. In addition I was going to monitor the speed for each of these 7 mile laps and how they compared to my overall average. This worked out well except for the differences in time it took to cover 7 miles. I knew the wind was in my face after the first 7 mile spilt. I hoped that I would be able to make up the time.

The bike was uneventful. That is a good thing. Starting so late in the race there was always someone to pass. I was able to constantly reel riders in and benefit from the few seconds of draft. I don’t know if it really makes much of a difference but I tried to take advantage of the situation.

I also know that I could have gone faster. And, I know that I would have gone faster if I would have been near racers of the same speed. They would have pushed me. This was actually a good thing. The bike portion of the race for me was simply to put in a measured hard effort so that I could put in a good run at the end. I am still not sure where this line is located.

The race started out in a residential area with several sharp 90 turns. Everyone was taking this easy. Then the race opened up on as you rode along the lake shore. You quickly came to a large draw bridge that is the steepest hill on the course. The only other hill is a large overpass. After that, like I said, the bike was uneventful. I successfully procured water bottles at each stop and consumed my gels. I also had some power bar pieces from one of the aid stations. Towards the end of the bike I made myself take some more water into my system. I had only had 3 bottles and I am usually a big drinker.

One of those 90 degree turns

I had 8 gels taped to my top tube. I consumed a get immediately after the swim in T1. I left 4 gels still attached to the bike. I think the power bar pieces made up for the calories that I missed. I think that a gel every 20 minutes is not necessary. However, I have read that you should take in as many calories (within reason) that your body will allow. I can definitely take in the calories.

In the last leg of the bike I let the intensity drop. I wanted the legs to recover. At the end, I came to a full stop just before the dismount line and I unclipped. I jumped off of the bike and my legs were solid! In the past I have had that shaky leg feeling but it was not present today. That let me know that the legs were in good position to take on the run.

SPLITS (every 7 miles)

1. TIME - 23:40 SPEED – 17.7 HR AVE - 157
2. TIME - 20:41 SPEED – 20.3 HR AVE - 156
3. TIME - 21:36 SPEED – 19.4 HR AVE - 155
4. TIME - 19:28 SPEED – 21.6 HR AVE - 156
5. TIME - 19:12 SPEED – 21.9 HR AVE - 157
6. TIME - 18:06 SPEED – 23.2 HR AVE - 157
7. TIME - 19:16 SPEED – 21.8 HR AVE - 153
8. TIME - 16:59 SPEED – 21.6 HR AVE – 150 ***

*** 6.12 miles by my watch – a little short


  1. The side on race pic is great! I was really impressed with the race photography at this race.

  2. Jim, How was the Wind during the bike?

  3. The wind in 2009 was rough. It was in your face the whole ‘back’ portion of the ride. 2010 was a different story. There was wind but it was not nearly as bad.