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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back on the TRAINER.

It seems like our morning sunlight is wasting away. I have not been taking advantage of it. I have missed the Tuesday / Thursday morning ride for the past week and a half. It was light at 5:45AM and that drifted to 6:00AM. Now, it has been dark and rainy in the morning.

However, I have not been missing my rides. I have been on the trainer each of those mornings. I have missed the camaraderie but the workouts have been solid. In fact, this morning was my BEST TRAINER WORKOUT EVER! You see, I have a love hate relationship with the trainer.

I simply cannot ride the dang thing for much more than an hour. So, I have to make each workout quality. I have been doing tempo intervals at pace the past couple of weeks. And they hurt. Now, these numbers are only relevant to me and my trainer but I have worked up to 4 x 6 minutes at 250 watts. Like I said, I have no idea if those 250 watts is the same as your 250 watts or how it relates to actual speed. But what I do know is that it hurts. I know that my heart rate starts in the lower zone 4 and climbs to the top in those 6 minutes. I know that the first minute is not bad at all but by the time the second minute complete it seems like it will be impossible to go for another 4 minutes. I also know that each time I complete one of these 6 minutes intervals I feel like I have slain a dragon or stormed a castle. I taste the success! But it is bitter sweet because I also dread the next interval. I watch the 3 minute recovery tick down like a time bomb. It is me that will explode.

I have a love hate relationship with the trainer but it makes me better.


  1. The trainer is almost a must have piece of equipment, I agree riding outside in a million times better, but the trainer allows you to work on many different things and concentrate on them, that riding outside has challenges that you dont with a trainer.

  2. Seriously, the sunlight is going away FAST @ 6AM in the morning. Time to start breaking out the headlamps again...

    How are you measuring your wattage? 250 watts for someone who weighs 200 lbs vs someone who weighs 150 pounds is going to produce vastly different speeds, especially going up a hill. Most likely the lighter person is going to go faster @ the higher wattage, i.e. higher power to weight ratio.

  3. I agree, granted my opinion isn't as valued as others since I have not had a winter to sit on the trainer like everyone else :) I have noticed the trainer is one hard core piece of training.

    I ride the trainer and I feel like I just hauled... I ride outside and I feel relaxed and comfortable. I am able to push HARD on the trainer and not have to stop frequently for cars, signs, lights, etc. Pure focus, and I like that.

  4. My trainer is the Real Axiom from performance that hooks up to the computer. You are able to customize the workouts like the ERG mode for a computrainer. I create my workouts by time and power. For example, I do a warm up for 10 minutes at 150 watts (I could use slope as well) and then increase the resistance to 250 watts for 6 minutes. My recovery comes in at 150 watts for 3 minutes. I try to keep my cadence in the 95 – 100 range and I never have to shift gears. It is just harder with more resistance.

  5. You just reminded me i meant to start including intervals on the bike.

  6. I must admit I don't mind the trainer. And I try to do interval stuff on it as well. I like the fact that I can watch TV :)

  7. I was on the trainer is morning too. And i have to say, I used to hate it, but after seeing how much it helped strengthen my riding over thewinter, I kinda love it...

  8. An hour is about all I can handle on the trainer too. Anything more is just painful. I agree with Barbie...intervals are best on the trainer.