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Saturday, November 19, 2011

New sock drawer

Last month I cleaned out all of the shoes from my closet (you can read more here – House Cleaning)  I am happy to say that I got rid of a dozen pairs of shoes.  To be fair, regardless of how the shoes looked some were quite old.  It is just hard to get rid of them.  I guess you really can have too many pairs of ‘mowing the lawn’ shoes.

I was getting ready for a run this morning and opened my sock drawer.  I looked at all of the running socks.  Some were looking pretty tattered.  I closed the drawer.  I needed some help this morning.  I opened up my ‘new sock’ drawer.  It is funny, even though I run a fair amount of miles without socks (the whole triathlon thing – see Summer Feet) I really do like nice running socks. 


I don’t see a problem here (23 pairs).


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