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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recovery feels like a four letter word.

I’m still taking it easy which equals boring! I only did some minor weight training in the gym to reinforce how weak I am – I’m really not down I’m just a little out of my element right now.

I’m ready to jump full force into a new challenge and I am waiting patiently for my body to completely catch up with me. Looking at the big picture – I am willing to ‘sacrifice‘ a few days this week so that I will be whole for the coming training.

Patience grasshopper.


  1. I remember this article I read a bit ago, passing it along, maybe it will help

  2. It's hard to stay focused sometimes! It'll all come back around.

  3. after the hours that you put into training for the IM, I can only imagine the chunk of time that has freed up while you recover. Easier said than done to take it easy though too right?