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Thursday, September 24, 2009


GPS reading from the STADIUM!

Getting up in the morning now feels like I am getting up in the middle of the night. It is so dark. I drove to work on Wednesday to take the ab BOSU lutely class again. It starts at 6:15AM and it is just too dark at 5:45AM for the bike. Maybe this is the year that I get a decent light! Anyway I did the class again – and it was fun, challenging and full. There was a whole sorority in class. There were about 3 times the people in class as last time. After the class I went for a run with a friend – I was only looking for about 4 miles and she was looking for 5 miles – Yeah – we ended up with a little over 6 miles. It was just a good solid run.

At lunch, we tackled the STADIUM! It has been months since I have been in the stadium. During my ironman training I was just not able to recover very well after one of these sessions. The routine has not changed much – it is still damn hard. We do a nice warm up to the stadium then do as many sets as we can. A set consists of running up the stairs one at a time, then running up the stairs two at a time, then doing lunges up the bleachers. After about 5 sets it starts to get real hard. The fatigue in your legs starts to build. You slow down. I was able to get nine complete sets in 30:15 or so – that is 27 times up the stadium. I had my heart rate monitor on (and GPS just for fun) and I was redlining for a lot of it. By the end my lunges we slow and there was copious amounts of sweat dripping off of me. I would not say that this was EPIC – but it was close. Maybe next week. I will feel this tomorrow!


  1. hell yeah...THAT is what I'm talkin about right there!!

  2. Wow, I need to find stuff like that, it has to bring you to the next level.

  3. Oh my god, stadiums. Haven't done any bleachers in a long Come to think of it, I haven't bothered to search any out around Redwood City, most likely out of subconscious fear of suffering. Good for you! Have fun tomorrow....

    One of the IronCurtains will soon take a class to get certified to teach BOSU classes at our Y. I'm already posting flyers up around local sororities.

  4. Love the Garmin map too btw, i wore mine last year while shovelling the drive way :)

  5. That Garmin map is great! I agree about the dark in the morning, it makes the motivation even harder!

  6. wow - how did you get this red line?!?!? i'm missing something here (and i feel like my bank account is about to take a pounding!)