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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pulling the swim back in

Friday was another good swim. I swam 1000 x 2 and recorded my times. They are, of course, a good deal slower than last year when I was swimming a lot. But I am feeling good about the swim. So far, it has come back easy. I do not fight the water. The 1000 yard times were off by about 45 seconds. That is nearly 5 seconds pet 100. I have some work to do but on the bright side I was not pushing anything hard. It was not like I treated these as time trials. They were just 1000 yard swims. If I swam these hard I think that I would be pretty close to my TT times.

Right now it is Saturday morning and it is 45 degrees in Mississippi. I will be heading out the door for a long run. I hope to be able to get on the bike a little bit later in the day (easy group ride – not too fast)!


  1. 45 degrees...that's a perfect temp for a long run! hope you had a nice long run. It will be about that temp here in tampa tomorrow morning. haven't yet decided on my workout but will probably get out there and enjoy a cool run. not sure i want to ride in it though. have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. good to hear the swimming wetnw ell. How much 'ramping up" of your swimming will occur over the next 3 weeks?