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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big Easy

I survived the Big Easy without incident. The USAT coaching clinic was actually quite good. It reinforced a lot of things and also taught me a few things. I will be going into some of this in greater detail in the next couple of weeks.

So I hitched a ride with a guy named Bill from Atlanta. I am glad that I did – it was a lot more fun roaming around the French Quarter with someone. The day that we arrived was NFL kickoff. The city closed down Decatur for a parade. Not only were there floats and beads and all the regular parade stuff but Dave Mathews was there (as well as Taylor Swift). It was very crowded so I did not get much of an actual view but I was pretty close to one of the jumbo-trons.

I also got a bit of a run in a couple of nights after class. Nothing structured but just trying to keep up a little fitness. On Saturday night Bill, another classmate Mark and I went to eat in the French Quarter. I had a wonderfully delicious Muffalatta. Wow – talk about good. As we were heading back to the room for some homework we passed by Café Du monde. Bill said that he had not had a beignet before. So we had to stop. We only order 1 serving (3 beignets) and Mark got a coffee.

It was about 10 PM and the café was not crowded at all. However, up came an older bald guy with a tall Latin woman on his arm. She had huge fake boobs just popping out of her dress. She approached our table and with a perky thick accent (I’m from Mex-He-Co) and said that she had never had a beignet. She took the one from Mark’s hand. She took a big bite. Then she said she needed a little drink and picked up Marks coffee and took a sip. They talked and flirted with us for a few minutes. Boy, you could smell the alcohol.

As they walked away one of the workers at the Café asked if we should tell the guy that he was with a man. Wow – you have to love NOLA!


  1. Ur killing me here talking about beignets! I am thinking about doing New Orleans again next April just to eat myself to recovery.

  2. Funny story about the drag queen!

    Can't wait to hear about the info garnered from the classes!

  3. I have never been but would love to go to New Orleans some day. Its silly I guess but I have been a huge Anne Rice fan for years and have this lovely image of that city from her books.
    The sultry creepy feel :)
    Looking forward to reading about the classes.

  4. there going to be a post about the clinic? I am considering taking one myself and wondering what I would get out of it.

  5. My sister used to live in New Orleans and God I miss visitng the French Quarter! This was a funny post....Mex-He-Co:) Fun times filled with a little drama!

  6. hahaha, I was sitting here wondering what the picture had to do with your post... then at the end, wham! haha.

    I think you would be an AWESOME coach. Can't wait to hear what you took away from the course!

  7. I've had a beignet... but never a man :-)

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the USAT clinic.

    Have you/are you going to looking into bike fitting?

  8. OMG....beignets...possibly my favorite thing in the world. (I'm very thankful they are only good while hot, otherwise I would cart home boxes of beignets each time)

  9. I love Café Du monde! Not for the coffee but I love the beignets. Sounds like your coaching class was a great success!