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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jazz Half Marathon - A new PR - but not by much

Well, the Jazz Half marathon – I got a PR but not by much. I finished the race in 1:29:20 – that is a PR by 10 seconds.

I am not one to look a gift PR in the month but I wanted just a little bit more. Yes, that is greedy. Considering that I have not been training much and I got this PR on about 20 miles a week I really can’t complain. Also, this is the beginning of my marathon training. I think if I get a couple of good running months under my belt I should be able to drop this time by a couple of minutes. That is my goal anyway.

I met up with two guys at about mile 3. I jumped on one of their shoulders and and held for a couple of miles. At about mile 6 they seemed to slow so I took the lead. I would stay in the front for the next 4 miles. These guys stayed with me. We seemed to push each other the entire race. If I would have stayed in no man's land I might have started to fade earlier.

So, the race report. I got great weather. I tapered for about 2 days. I started out pretty strong. I started to fade at about mile 10. I got passed by three people from mile 11 to the end (one was a girl). I ran this race by heart rate most of the race. I only picked it up the last mile. I stayed at about 1 or 2 BPM higher than my previous LT runs. However, I was able to stretch out the distance.

All things considered I am pleased with this race. With a solid training plan, a lot of hard work and some gut wrenching determination I should be able to reach all of my running goals this season!


  1. A PR is a PR. Look more for the silver lining.... it is there!

  2. Nice work! A PR on only 20 miles week is awesome!

    I really helps to have to other runs to push/pull you along. I had a couple in my last race and I agree, I may have faded earlier had it not been for them.

    Good luck with your marathon training.

  3. dag....sub 1:30...That is awesome!!!!! I hope someday to be near those numbers! 20 miles a week have such a strong base you still rocked it out! Congrats!

  4. I say awesome, sub 1:30 !!! sweet, congrats.

  5. Great time James - And congrats on the PR!

  6. Hi James,
    Congrats on the great race!!! Rock Star is right, a PR is a PR:) Nice work!

  7. WOW. a sub 1:30 on 20mpw! that is impressive. i know how you feel about "wanting more of a PR" and trying to remind yourself that something is better than nothing. after a few days i'm usually more 'at peace' with myself/my race results.

  8. Solid. Great time man.

    Sounds kind of the same way I hit my sub 1:30, I used the people around me haha.

    I hope that it wasn't a 10 mile race with a 5k on the end for you? Keep up the good work, anxious to see if you improve on this :)