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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hot water and track work

The pool was lava hot on Monday. There had been a pool party Friday night movie – I think they showed Pretty in Pink (breast cancer awareness) in the natatorium. They must have bumped the temperature of the water – it was 88 degrees on Monday morning at 5:30AM. It was just too hot. We still got a good session in but we did not push it.

At lunch I failed again and let play get in the way. Racquet ball took play twice this week – and it is only Tuesday. I have decided that this game is truly getting in the way. Although it is not super taxing it does nothing for speed. However, it is enough actively to negatively impact my recovery. Damn. So I played Monday at lunch and got beat – all games. I then play a couple of games on Tuesday – I won the first and got beat the next two. I did cut it short and hit the weights for a good number of upper body exercises.

After work I met up with several of the Pine belt Pacers for Tuesday track work. This is really what I need. Since I am tapering for my half marathon race this weekend I need to drop the volume (if that is possible) and keep the intensity up. We ran 5 800’s. This pace was comfortable for me so I sprinted the last 100 yards of each. However, we also did 8 200’s. This is shorter and faster than almost anything that I run. It was very challenging. I did end up being very consistent. The first was 28 seconds and all other except for the second to the last were 37. The second from the last was 36 seconds.

The packing is just about done. I am on the fence about bringing my cycling shoes and pedals. I just don’t know the availability of bicycles in Australia. I really would enjoy going on some rides. I would love to see the Sydney on foot and the outlying areas by bike!

My stuff on the left - stuff for my sister on the right.


  1. Haha, I was gonna say, you don't seem the type to buy processed foods (duncan hynes).

    Great workouts. Good luck this weekend. Hope all goes as planned an you nail your goal.

  2. Speedy 200s! I did 8 800s's starting to become my favorite distance on the track.

    I'm sure you're going to make your sis happy with her treats!

  3. Oh, I am the cakey cake eater. My sister and her family are very health. The cake mixes are just for me to make a birthday cake for one of my nieces!

  4. Thank you for clarifying the packing because I immediately gravitated to the what looks like peanut butter and thought to he must love PB&J to bring his own PB to Australia.

    I am with misszippy on the 800s. I have been doing them quite a bit lately in my training and am loving them. Just far enough to push the speed but not long enough to feel as if you are slowing down toward the end.

  5. Thanks for the seperation. I wondering why you were travelling with cake mix.

  6. At least your addictions are healthier than mine... Although I suppose your racquetball one could cause injury. At least it won't make you fat like my m&m's! Very kind of you to haul food to your sis-that should subsidize part of your ticket...

  7. Glad you made it to the track last night. It's always nice to have someone out front. Love me some 800 and 200s. Track = woo hoo!

    Hope the wind is at your back this weekend. Mine too, I have 19 miles with 12 at MRP - yikes. To bad you won't be around to pace me. Shoot! Have Fun and enjoy Cafe Du Monde!