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Saturday, January 1, 2011

TRX planks and Happy New Year

The Steam Whistle 12K has been rain delayed until noon.  I drove down to Jackson Station and put up some postponed signs early this morning – I have been up a while.  However, it looks like the storms have passed and they have brought cooler weather.  The race conditions are starting to look favorable.

I have always kept abdominal exercises in my strength training plan.  I have down the P90X abs cruncher routines and they are challenging.  When it comes to planks I am pretty good.  I can do several sets and hold them for about 90 seconds or so.  They really light up the core.  Since I have been playing with the TRX I have been humbled regarding my core strength.  With the unstabilizing nature of the TRX all of my strength goes out the door.  Take a look (I realize that my butt is too high – something I need to work on).


  1. I have a TRX in my basement. I need to use it more. It is really tough!

  2. I am with you on the TRX side planks. Very humbling.

  3. Great video! The TRX ones look so tough!!

  4. If you are struggling to do it, I have NO hope.

    are you saying 1 mile per wk avg. biking is not enough??? Ha Ha!

  5. WOW. that is ridic. yeah i can't do those very well on the floor, i know i could not do them with my feet in the straps!