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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rest day.

So Monday was a complete rest day. I did nada – nothing what so ever. Well, I have been doing that 100 pushup challenge that is going around. I started it 2 weeks ago on the ‘advanced’ week 3. It got hard yesterday. I was able to complete all of the sets (Vic came up just a hair short – I have to give it to him – he is really giving it his all) and by the time the afternoon came around Vic double dogged dared me that I would not be able to complete 60 reps in one set. I was being called out! – I hammered out the 60 and with a quick pause after every 5 I topped out at 75 reps. Knees never touched the ground! Not to be out done – Vic mustered up the courage and managed 76. I’ll let him go first next time – I can always get one more rep – no matter what!

I ate my normal diet Monday – I was disappointed that I had a 5 pound jump in weight since the low of last week. I always do this coming out of a weekend. The thing is - I have not been eating badly. There has been almost no beer and almost no snacks (Jodie is taking a cake decorating class and had a minor cake disaster – the carnage was everywhere – I help when I am needed) . I know, the key word is ALMOST – this damn’s me every time. It seems that it is just not enough to be pretty good on the diet – I have to be near perfect. The weight will drop back down during the week but these weekend bounces are tough. I would like to win the weight loss challenge for the month of May – I have a near Olympic race on June 6th and I would like to be down to my fighting weight!


  1. Feel free to call in the reinforcements if you need help with the cake catastrophe. We'll be right over!

  2. I had a cupcake incident after my century on Sunday. It happens!