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Friday, May 29, 2009

Turning the heat up

With school now being out the morning group ride has grown even with Keith and JD out of town. We had 6 at Jackson Station 5:45AM. We started out at a comfortable pace and talked about some upcoming races. After we cleared Lake Thoreau Road the pace picked up. We had previously talked about the ride getting split into two groups. I ended up in the first group and we set a challenging pace. Lance and I were trading hard pulls every minute. This did not last very long – I don’t think either one of us was able to recover very much with only 1 minute rest. We slowed up a little and then Robin was in with us. We all kept a pretty good clip to Sumrall. On the return we crossed paths with the second group.

Back at Jackson Station I grabbed my backpack and Lance and I rode on towards USM. All in all it was a good 27 miles before work.

At lunch I did an easy Trace run of 4 miles. The weather has turned HOT. This should jump start my summer heat acclimation!

Monday was the start of the 6th week of the 100 pushup challenge – and I failed. The sets were 45 / 55 / 35 /… … with 1 minute recovery - I failed on the third set. I think we are going to go back and repeat week 5 and give it another go next week.

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