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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adventure training

I got back into the pool on Monday and took an easy 2000 yard swim. I am trying not to drop the swim habit and this swim session was a success. I enjoyed the swim. I warmed up and cooled down with 500 yards each and did 10 x 100 yards for the working set. These were done on 1:45 – it was not overly challenging but it was a good workout. This 1:45 gave me about 10 seconds of recovery. I could have pushed hard but that was just not in the plan. I am still going to join the Master’s swim team but I have definitely been dragging my feet. I need to prioritize!

Tuesday was another P90X session – Arms and Shoulders. This is a good workout but being smaller muscles (arms and shoulders) I can exhaust them pretty easily. This makes this a great workout but I think that it is a little bit isolated. Sure, my arms and shoulders are cooked and I am sweating big time – but there are lots of larger muscles that have not been touched. I think more of a full body workout would be a better use of time. The good thing is that I can bounce back from these workouts rather quickly.

Okay – now this class that I am taking on Saturday’s (it is just 3 Saturday’s but it is all day). The description was for land and water orienteering and team problem solving. That sounded right up my alley. I would really like to get into adventure racing and maybe Xterra or something. However, the class is more about team work – like from a corporate retreat point of view. There were 10 on us taking the class and the ages ranged from 18 years and one month to me – nearly twenty years older. There were several trust exercises – they started off with just leaning forward and backward 10 to 20 degrees and depending on the other person to catch you. I was teamed with a couple of girls (no offense) and I guess that I was a little bit heavy – she tried really hard but – yeah – I hit the ground. No harm / no foul but it was kind of funny. At the end of the day we did another trust fall – this time it was from about 5 feet off of the ground and all the class members had their arms interlocked. That was fun – And I did not hit the ground. The class is not what I was looking for but I think that I will enjoy it – I did however, miss the only local triathlon because of class.

I am looking forward to the STADIUMS again this week – if the rain holds off!


  1. I miss the swim, I need to get back in the water.

  2. we're getting a ton of rain off and on here in Houston, too. Makes for some interesting bike and run sessions....definiteyl forcing me to get better acquainted with this trainer....

  3. Too much rain in these parts too. It's suckin since I'm still training. Maybe an orienteering specific class would be better than the team thing - I know what you mean, good but a little fluffy.