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Monday, August 29, 2011

New treadmills at the Payne Center

The kids are back on campus and the gym is full again.  This will last a couple of weeks and then it will be back to normal.

On the plus side (and a big plus) is that we got all new treadmills in the Payne Center.  I think that I am one of the few people that doesn’t absolutely detest running on the treadmill.  I think it is because of the way that I approach the contraption.  Just as with swimming, if I start a treadmill session without a plan (you plan to fail) then I will run fairly easy and get bored.  If I get bored then my perceived exertion starts to sky rocket.  Before long I have shut the beast down after only a couple of marginal miles. 

So we got much needed new treadmills.  The last set lasted 5 years – they were brand spanking new the month I started at USM.  But they really started to wear out after the first 4 years.  I stopped using them.  First they would automatically shut down when you were running fast – fast for me is mid 6’s.  You would be running along on your tempo and bam the treadmill would power down.  I assume the motor would get hot.  After it completely shut down you could fire it back up and get a another mile of so and then it would happen again.  I started to make a game out of it – treadmill random fartlets.  Not my ideal workout but it was manageable -  I could still run my comfortable 8 minutes per mile paces and listen to a podcast for an hour.


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