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Friday, October 21, 2011

TIP: Factory Chain Lube

I just replaced my chain and cassette on my road bike last month.  And now that triathlon season is over I plan on doing the same on my race bike.  The question of chain lubrication often comes up.  One of the most often discussed topics is whether to strip the factory lube from a new chain and re-lube or just leave it alone.  The argument is that the factory stuff is sticky and it will pick up dirt and accelerate chain wear on the brand new chain.  The other side states that it is the best chain lube you can get and that is why it comes on the chain from the factory.

I ran across an interview with one of Shimano’s main tech guys regarding the stock chain lube on Bike Rumor.


BikeRumor: What is Shimano’s official stance on the chain lube that comes stock on a shimano chain? Is it actually a lube, or a grease? And is it best to leave it on until the chain gets noisy and relube, or strip it right away and relube before riding?


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