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Monday, June 6, 2011

Heat Wave 2011–Race Report

Left work a little early on Friday to head up to Ridgeland for the Heat Wave.  It was hot.  Central and Southern Mississippi has been under a sever heat warning for the past week.  The temperatures have been hitting the triple digits and combined with humidity in the 90’s – well, it has been warm!

I got to talk to a couple of friends at Indian Cycle and Fitness during packet pickup.  They always do a great job.  There were finger foods, wine and beer.  I was on good behavior and stuck to the soft drinks.  I did eat a lot of cheese and crackers.

They had all of their super cool triathlon bikes on display with big mark downs.  It is always temping.  I got to see a Specialize Shiv up close and personal as well as a Speed Concept with electronic shifting.  Both of those bikes are out of my league.

Trusty steed


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