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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back on the plan

Sunday is the start of my training week. Just last night I was reading something and it said it would be okay to exercise with a cold as long as you do not have a fever- as I have said this sick thing is kind of new to me. My new training plan only called for 70 minutes of running. I say only because this is a weekend day after all. Seventy minutes is really not much when you have the whole day.

I hit the trace at around 8AM without my heart rate monitor. I did take the old GPS watch just to gauge the pace - not sure why this was important to me today. I was calculating what pace I should run for today and I decided that 8 min / mile would be cool - I don't know how I decided this but that was the line that I had drawn.

So 9 miles in 72 minutes and I felt pretty good. My base is solid. My cardio system was never taxed by this run - no heavy breathing - never really felt too hard. It definitely was not zone 1 or low zone 2 but it was not bad. However, at about mile 7 my hamstring started to get tight. This has been bothering me whenever I run long or run fast. Not sure what to do about this - even though I was ill this week I did take about 5 days off of running. You would think that the hamstring would be better after the rest. Oh well.

Glad to be feeling better - I'm not feeling good but better - no fever. I am on the road to recovery.


  1. No fever and not in the chest, good to go. I like to run when I have sinus or head congestion - helps me get the goo out!

  2. Sounds like you are on the mend, you had a fine run! Save the date for the next Woolmarket Du, May 23rd...

  3. Great run, glad you are feeling better. I actually got really sick while training for New Orleans and my coach let me do light intensity with a low fever. If the fever is high, you definitely have to rest, and a good rule is if it's in your chest, take a break.